“Cristina made it totally accessible! She taught me the right way to work on the barre and helped with alignment and form. Afterwards, I felt so accomplished! The next day, I had aches in muscles I didn’t even know existed. It’s a HARD workout, but that’s what I love about it. I get to enjoy the calm vibe of a lovely yoga studio and still get an intense full-body workout!” — RAE P.

“Cristina has created the PERFECT workout with Sculpere. My muscles are exhausted and my mind is clear. Results and bliss!” — SOPHIE K.

“I instantly fell in love with Cristina’s brilliant combination of yoga mat and ballet barre in her signature Sculpere classes. Yes, these classes are a real physical workout, but they are also art and spiritual (but not in any pushy, proselytizing way). Ballet technique is respected and reinforced and healthful yoga practices of mindfulness and meditation are taught and brought into both the more yogic and balletic elements of class. It’s pretty much my dream workout.” — MELANIE A.

“Sculpere is a true diamond in the rough! In a city full of competitive yoga teachers always searching for the next weird twist or inversion (that will likely cause you injury) Cristina’s classes are balanced, meditative and challenging. The mixture of different classes keeps your workout fun and interesting but every class, even the abs class encompasses a level of yoga so you really feel Zen when you leave class. I can’t recommend this tiny, but wonderful studio enough.”— SAMANTHA S.