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Welcome To Urban Sugar Plum!

I’ve been a dancer most of my life, concentrating on classical ballet in Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and San Diego. The experiences I’ve had as a dancer were sometimes bitter and sometimes as sweet as a sugar plum.

I stopped dancing in 2006 and turned to yoga and Pilates to fill the void of physicality. Always a seeker, I delved deeply into the worlds of ayurveda, natural healing, and meditation, yielding a profound spiritual awakening. Not soon after, the stars of manifestation aligned for me to start my journey as a small business owner. For the past 8 years, I have had the joy of running a quaint boutique studio called Sculpere, where I’ve carefully choreographed a schedule of group fitness routines designed to bring balance to both body and mind.

Much like being in a relationship, my business has been like a mirror, allowing for me to observe my natural process through challenges and triumphs. It regularly feeds me with the inspiration to reinvent myself as an artist, and has yet again as I start writing this blog. It feeds me with the courage to give a voice to the foundation of Sculpere: its beautiful community of members, instructors, and neighbors.

Whether you’re a dancer, a yogi, or just curious about self-love from my perspective, it is my mission to help you pirouette through this ever-evolving life feeling healthy, balanced, and beautiful. Welcome to Urban Sugar Plum!