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Always Ballet

Growing up as ballet dancers, we are taught discipline and work ethic from a young age. This level of education prepares us for success at almost anything we choose to do, because we are bred to be professional and passionate. Ballet is a high art form, and we are privileged to perform to music, and choreography from classical times. We are raised training, and manipulating our bodies to uphold a standard of ethereal beauty that has been passed down from one end of the planet to the other for generations. We don’t fully understand the responsibility of continuing the lineage of this art as children, but as time passes, we continually challenge the physical limitations of our bodies, and raise the standard of excellence for ballet.

Albert Einstein said “dancers are the athletes of God”. The spiritual aspects of ballet are somewhat overlooked culturally however, our relationship to music, movement, and spirit is nothing less than sacred. This connection is what it takes to create beautiful art that withstands the test of time, and after a hundred years still moves people to tears. This is a bond that will be imbedded in our DNA for life, which is why it is so painful for a dancer to retire. It feels like a part of us has gone missing, but the truth is, ballet will always be with us. Until death and probably after, the experience we had as dancers in this lifetime is part of a legacy in this world. Ballet will always be there to remind us of our strength, our beauty, and our brilliance.