Resolution Refresh

Winter has come to an end, but our new year resolutions don’t have to! When we’ve lost motivation and the winter blues are upon us, it’s time for a resolution refresh!

Take a few days this month to do a deep full body cleanse. Since it’s freezing outside, try a vegetable soup cleanse like Philly based Satya. Dense nutrition and easy digestion is just what your body needs to restore.

Epsom salt baths will draw out toxins, warm you up, and soothe your sore muscles. Add a few drops of lavender oil to help you relax to the max.

Oil your skin with an ayurvedic abhyanga massage. We are huge fans of the Philadelphia based ayurvedic skin care brand, Aromabliss, which makes dosha specific abhyanga oils and it is homemade right here in Philadelphia by our dear friend and teacher Lilavati.

Morning meditations are a great way to cleanse your mind of stress and anxiety. All you have to do is get comfortable, be still, and breathe slow and deep. At first it may be difficult to quiet your monkey mind, but after the first few days, the mind chatter subsides, and you’ll be able to get to your happy place.

Futurists Joel Barker said, “Vision is merely a dream without action” and we agree. One way to take action is by creating a vision board. Vision boards inspire manifestation because they force you to be specific about your desires. They guide you toward the steps you’ll have to take to reach your resolutions. Taking ideas out of your mind and putting them on paper is the first step to bringing your vision into reality.

Welcome To Urban Sugar Plum!

I’ve been a dancer most of my life, concentrating on classical ballet in Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and San Diego. The experiences I’ve had as a dancer were sometimes bitter and sometimes as sweet as a sugar plum.

I stopped dancing in 2006 and turned to yoga and Pilates to fill the void of physicality. Always a seeker, I delved deeply into the worlds of ayurveda, natural healing, and meditation, yielding a profound spiritual awakening. Not soon after, the stars of manifestation aligned for me to start my journey as a small business owner. For the past 8 years, I have had the joy of running a quaint boutique studio called Sculpere, where I’ve carefully choreographed a schedule of group fitness routines designed to bring balance to both body and mind.

Much like being in a relationship, my business has been like a mirror, allowing for me to observe my natural process through challenges and triumphs. It regularly feeds me with the inspiration to reinvent myself as an artist, and has yet again as I start writing this blog. It feeds me with the courage to give a voice to the foundation of Sculpere: its beautiful community of members, instructors, and neighbors.

Whether you’re a dancer, a yogi, or just curious about self-love from my perspective, it is my mission to help you pirouette through this ever-evolving life feeling healthy, balanced, and beautiful. Welcome to Urban Sugar Plum!