In order to elevate our society, we must commit to elevating ourselves. It is essential that our mental, physical, and spiritual health be at peak performance, so we can be bright, strong, and impactful in our daily lives. My true purpose is to help women become the best version of themselves, achieve their life goals and contribute positively to our society. One on one wellness consultations are for clients who desire guidance and support on their journey to achieving a balanced life.

The program is designed as an all encompassing approach to health and wellbeing. Using an Ayurvedic approach to remedy chronic health conditions, achieve weight-loss goals, and eliminate stress and anxiety. Clients will learn how to cultivate daily routines centered around mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, and beauty.

Private wellness coaching sessions with Cristina are available for $70/hr via Skype, $80/hr in studio and $100/hr in home.

To book a session, email info@sculpere.com.