BBYM // Ballet Body & Yoga Mind

A two-part workshop led by former professional ballerina and current SCULPERE Studio owner, Cristina Espaillat. Cristina sheds a shining light on health and positive body image by sharing her journey from the intense physical and emotional rigors of the ballet world to her transformation into wellness practitioner and yoga instructor. Followed by Cristina's proprietary Sculpere workout.


The Discussion

yoga mind

An emphasis on self-love and acceptance of body and mind defines this 30 minute talk and open discussion. Cristina shares her personal challenges in meeting societal standards of body image and how she landed in the sexy-happy place that she now resides. In addition, guests will learn about "easy-everyday" ways to integrate wellness into their own worlds.


The Workout

Ballet Body

The Sculpere regime is Cristina's methodology of blended ballet and yoga—the result is a 1.5 hour moderate intensity workout and is perfect for yoga lovers who have always wanted to try ballet. The class begins on the floor with traditional yoga breathing and stretching and then moves to the ballet barre for Sculpere basics. The session concludes on the mat with core strengthening work and a yoga-influenced cool down to calm the body and mind.

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